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Top-Ranked Academics

Southlands Christian Elementary School is globally and nationally recognized for excellence in education among Christian grade Schools and local elementary schools.

Excellence In Curriculum

The Elementary School instructional program at Southlands Christian Schools is designed to challenge students and instill within them academic skills alongside a wealth of knowledge. We design curriculum that will challenge and advance our students.

Student Life

We provide every student with the opportunity to excel. Not only are we focused on academic well-being, we also are dedicated to creating a well-rounded experience for our students.

Top 6% Academic Standing in the Nation

Southlands Christian Elementary School is proud to be amongst the few local Elementary Schools that are globally and nationally recognized for excellence in education.

Why Choose Southlands

  • Accelerated Math and Reading
  • Technology-integrated classrooms
  • Volunteer/outreach opportunities
  • Multiple language learning programs
  • Local and national field trips
  • Inter-subject regional/national academic competitions


Mr. and Mrs. Chun

Mr. and Mrs. Chun

Our children have happily attended Southlands Christian School since preschool. Our oldest child will be starting 8th grade this fall and our second child will be in 5th grade. The impact of SCS to our family has been tremendous. The Christian values, morals, and ethics, as well as the Word of God that has been taught to our children has been invaluable. Our children have also been constructively challenged by the academic program at SCS and have thrived in their encouraging enviornment. In addition, the music, sports, and art programs have developed creative and athletic aspects of their educational experience to build well-rounded students. We also appreciate the small class sizes which allow each student to get a more personal education that can make the difference between success and failure. In addition, parents have the opportunity to have a close relationship with the administration and staff due to the intimate setting of SCS which allows parents to voice opinions and concerns without the bureacracy you find in the public school system. Our children’s successes in many aspects of their lives has been grealy influenced by the administration and staff at Southlands Christian School whose dedication to teaching and developing future generations is unparalleled.
Mrs. Deshotel

Mrs. Deshotel

SCS has been a safe haven for my daughter. [She] has been attending SCS since preschool and will be in 3rd grade in 2015-2016. SCS fosters positive character traits through spiritual emotional and academic growth. All the teachers she worked with accommodated her by adapting their teaching methods to her learning style. SCS is an institution where I feel that my daughter and I feel loved, supported, and listened to. Administrators, student services, teachers, office staff, and support staff as a collective go out of their way to make the students feel safe and cared for. I truly believe that a foundation for success is cultivated at SCS.
Ms. Agudo

Ms. Agudo

Southlands Christian School is like a second home. The center of interest is God and family. The love and care for the students and their families is excellent. They give special attention to individual needs, strengths, and challenging areas. They provide a positive environment for students in terms of learning and development. Their approach in developing learners by promoting encouragement, praise, rather than criticizing, is commendable.
Mrs. Mattias

Mrs. Mattias

My family loves SCS, especially my son. SCS nurtures him to have good self-esteem, be polite, to be a good leader in life, and to have good values. But most important is him learning the Word of God and how to apply these verses in daily life. I love the parent teacher relationship; we work as a team to strengthen his academic performance. Great teachers and staff. I like that we have a very high academic standard and that the teachers encourage them to do better.

Student Life

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Bible Reading Club

February 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

Southlands Christian Elementary launched a Bible Reading Club yesterday! Our desire is to see the students grow […]

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Jogathon 2016

November 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

We had a great Jogathon event! Thanks to all the families, students, and volunteers who helped to […]

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Go and Do Likewise

September 25th, 2016|0 Comments

As we enter a new school year, we want to focus in on loving others selflessly. Jesus […]

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Jogathon 2016 Kick-off

September 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Last week, we kicked off elementary school’s Jogathon season with an awesome rally! This year’s theme will […]

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