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The iPad makes an excellent ebook, magazine, or any document reader. More than just a reader, content comes alive with video, animation, and interactive exercises built in.

Book Replacement:
The advantages to students for using an iPad to access books are not having to carry around heavy books, having all textbooks accessible at any time on one device, being able to take and share notes with classmates, and saving hundreds of dollars on book purchases.

Students can download podcasts, music, and other media for instant listening and viewing through the iTunes store or iTunesU. They can also view other educational sites and media as directed by their teacher.

Conduct On-Demand Research:
Students can conduct quick research, watch videos, read and save webpages, search for resources in online library databases, and share ideas with their friends.

Students can learn and apply digital organization skills through working with the iPad and discovering ways they can streamline content collection, access, and redundancy.

Many social and educational apps are all available through the iPad for sharing information, receiving updates, and conducting research.

Facilitate Note Taking:
iPad has great apps for taking notes and sharing them with friends. Apps can even auto-create study cards and practice exams for students to test themselves.

Offer Individualized Instruction:
In the classroom, students are not always at the same academic level. The iPad can help streamline content and optimize it to the level of the individual learner.